Saturday, September 20, 2014

Aspen Comics Solicitations for December 2014

Overtaken #2
Frank Mastromauro – Story / Marco Lorenzana – Art / Wes Hartman - Colors

Prepare yourself for the return of - OVERTAKEN!

Picking up from the shocking events of issue #1… after months of dead ends and uncooperative authorities, Will Harden focuses his desperation to find his missing wife and turns to an unlikely source to help locate her…but is it already too late?? As he begins to unravel the truth, Harden will discover that the answers he seeks are far out of this world!

Written and created by Frank Mastromauro, featuring artwork by the talented newcomer Marco Lorenzana, OVERTAKEN is going to take your breath away and leave you gasping for more!

OVERTAKEN #2 is in stores December 17th, 2014!

FC 32 pages $3.99

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Review: Judge Dredd Day Of Chaos: Fallout

I have a strange relationship with Judge Dredd. I love the concept and the characters. More often than not I love the stories. I really enjoy the tone and overall theme, political and social commentary, and the badassery that is Dredd. But (there's always a but) I own (and read) very few Dredd stories.

Why?! Don't know. Probably its a marketing thing (or lack thereof). When I buy a Judge Dredd book I can't put it down until the very last page (usually this is true), but after that I never hear any new news form 2000AD publicizing the next book. This turned into a (first world) problem when I stopped shopping at traditional brick and mortar stores.

The point here is, going into this book, I had no idea what Day of Chaos was. But this books does a good job summering it up for me. An enemy Mega-City (East-Sov) made a (successful) biological attack on Mega-City One. The majority of the population died and Mega-City One is in ruins. And everyone blames Dredd. This is the story of what happens next.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Preview: ALL NEW FATHOM #8

David Wohl – Story / Alex Konat – Art / Beth Sotelo – Colors

A new direction in the FATHOM Universe reaches its finale!

As Vana's plan nears its apocalyptic fruition, the temperature of the Earth's oceans are plummeting and wreaking havoc with the ecological balance of the world. Nations are in turmoil, and their military might’s are helpless to stop it. Amidst this cataclysmic backdrop, only Aspen Matthews understands what must be done to return the world from the brink of certain doom, but in order to accomplish her goal, she must team up with Chance and KIllian in order to battle with the most powerful being on the planet-- Killian's daughter, Anika!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Review: Black Science Volume 1 How to Fall Forever

Rick Remender is back to writing (hopefully) sci-fi greatness with his new book Black Science. He is most known for his creator-owned series Fear Agent (BTW, if you haven't read this, you're missing out on a great sci-fi series), and he as a new book that also dwell in the sci-fi pool.

Black Science (poorly chosen name BTW) is about this guy that invents a way to jump around dimensions and things (of course) go south really fast. In fact, the best way to explain what this is about is to talk about Quantum Leap (remember that kids?! If not go see it now). This is basically Quantum Leap with Dimensional jumps instead of time ones and punches and ray guns. Its starts with a experiment with dimensional jumping and end up stranded with no way to know where they'll end up (sounds familiar?).

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Transmetropolitan'o'ton #6

Spider gets turned into a porno, a cartoon, an action flick and gets really high. He also kicks a cat, kills a puppy, punches a reporter, headbutts a poor excuse for a human being, eats a pigeon, exposes a pedophile and steps on a pimp. In 2000 comics were still fun.

Apart from the silliness and the ultra-violence, in this volume shit gets real again. Spider prepares the troops (Filthy Assistants) to take on the Smiler once and for all. Last time The Smiler won the battle. Spider was ill prepared and got out witted by the insane president. This time Spider won't let it happen.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Review: The Goon Volume 4 Virtue and the Grim Consequences Thereof

The Goon in Virtue and the Grim Consequences Thereof is a weird mixed of issue long stories. From that time when the Goon, together with a bunch of his fellow criminal friends, started a pro football team, to a journey into another dimension this book has it all.

Unfortunately, unlike previous volumes, not all weirdness is good weirdness.

The Goon doesn't follow a conventional story telling style, true, but there is usually an order to the Chaos that is put to paper by Powell. However in this volume there are a few stories that break that order and add even more chaos, but in a less than optimal way. I'm not saying this is a bad book, far from it, but Powell has been spoiling his readers with stellar story telling and fun comic books, and this one is just a bit above ok.