Saturday, November 17, 2012

Review: SCUD the Disposable Assassin, The Whole Shebang

In the future everyone can buy a robot assassin from a common vending machine. The most popular are the SCUD heartbreaker series. The golden robots that get the job done and self-destruct as soon as the objective is achieved.

SCUD the disposable assassin is one of those robots. In a unexpected turn of events this particular SCUD gained self-awareness and took measures to prevent his self-destruction. And from this point forward he became known as... SCUD.

SCUD the Disposable Assassin, the Whole Shebang collects the full run of SCUD's adventures.

How good is it?

SCUD is a wonderful story about a innocent little assassin robot that managed to gain self-awareness and break his preordained destiny. All SCUDs are programmed to self-destruct once they kill their intended target. Our SCUD got a lucky break when he cough a glance at the sticker on his back that details the rules of the SCUDs. He decided to keep his target alive and thus preventing his own death by self-destruct.

From this point on what can be expected is a storm of original and completely out-of-the-box storytelling.

SCUD the Disposable Assassin is a labor of love of Rob Schrab. He is responsible for both art and story. Rob's joy and love for this work is clear on every page and every panel. This is his child and what a great parent he was. Rob created a whole universe filled with lots original characters and fulled with a dynamic story.

The characters is one of the stronger points of this book. SCUD is as crazy but innocent robot but the brothers Mess, Drywall and System steal the show. Drywall in particular is a joy to read and captures the reader's heart in every panel. Sussudio the robosexual, Voodoo Ben Franklin the comicbookguy like villain  Jeff the first target or Hank Gritt SCUD's macho role model are just some of the wonderful and witty characters to find in this book.

In the art department Rob is equally competent. He finds new and creative ways almost every chapter to make SCUD's robot face transmit emotion. Every character is very well defined and is instantly recognizable and a joy to look at.

This is a Black & White book, and judging from the covers, this is a great thing. Rob made an excellent job creating SCUD's universe, every character design, but his pallets are a bit to bright, for me at least.

Overhaul this is a very fun book. It has a massive page number but it will be very hard to put down until the very ending.

You're going to Hell!
Someone is going to get killed

Would I recommend it?

I read this in 2012 and was blown away by how good this book is and how little I heard of it till then. Its an absolute joy to read the pages of SCUD. Its funny and crazy and random but its heartfelt and a bit romantic at times.
This is an awesome book, a great choice and a cool gift if you'r considering one. This one is a must have to any comic book fan.

Publisher: Image Comics
Year: 2011
Pages: 786
Authors: Rob Schrab


  1. Dan Harmon, the guy who created Community, had a hand in some of it. You can see some of Scud's influence in the show. If you've seen the D&D episode, an issue of Scud makes a cameo.


    1. Hi Keb,

      I totally missed that reference in Community. When it reruns here I'll be on the lookout for this.

      I wasn't aware of the contribute made by Dan Harmon. Sorry Dan, you helped to create a hell of a book.