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Review: Dungeons & Dragons Volume 2 First Encounters

Dungeons & Dragon Volume 2 First Encounters continues the story of the last volume in the precise moment the previous one left off.

Adric, Khal, Bree, Varis and Tisha are falling through the portal they entered in the last volume and end up in the Elven world. There we meet the Elven people and explore a little of their society and tribal rivalry.

Find out how does a lost group of Elf ghosts are connected to our band of heroes and how does that affect Adric's "father-in-law". Explore the world of the Elves and discover Adric's and the gang's past.

How is it?

The story starts right when the last book ended, with our heroes going through a portal without knowing their destination. However, before we get to know what happened and where they ended up, we get to find out how the gang got together. This origin story plays a pivotal role in the overall plot, so pay attention to it.

The Feywild

In this second volume the plot revolves around Elves and Dark Elves, ancient dwarven science, old power plays and one unforgiving father-in-law. Lost in Feywild, the Elven World our heroes came face to face with old, thought of dead, foes and Elven political power plays that will have to escape from. On top of that Adric as to come to terms with is Elven "father-in-law". And neither will be happy with it.

Sexy Tisha
John Rogers manages to continue the great story told in the first volume and take it up a notch. He fleshes this Universe out with a number of new characters that have history with our heroes, new reveals, the rise of the winds of treason and the forging of new alliances. Adric's relationship with the Elven people is particularly interesting. If you read the first volume you already know that Adric is dating an Elven Sorcerer apprentice. In First Encounters you'll not only find out how they met, but also how's the relationship between her father and Adric. A hint, its not very peaceful.

In the art department this volume is a tiny little bit weaker than the first. There are beautifully drawn environments, especially Feywild, the Elf World. The coloring is absolutely gorgeous. The different color pallets for the different Worlds and different times of day are a delight to see. The only chink in the armor is that there are a few pages that are drawn in a different style from the rest of the book. That stands out as a sore thumb, but in the end this is a minor issue.

Just like the previous volume this book is printed in a glorious over-sized edition with a cool sketch gallery  covers and D&D gameplay reading material.

Elven Magic


I have nothing but great things to say about this series and this volume in particular. I think the first was very good, but this one tops it. The Universe is ritcher, the plots are more developed and we get to see how it all began. This is a great fantasy comic book, a true D&D history indeed. Highly recommended.

Publisher: IDW
Year: 2012
Pages: 152
Authors: John Rogers, Andrea Di Vito, Denis Medri, Juanan, Vicente Alcazar, Horacio Domingues, Guido Guidi, Nacho Arranz, Chris Mowry, Chris Mowry

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