Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Review: Happy!

Nick Sax is a gun for hire looking to get to the end of each day. He once was a cop, a husband, a good man. But life wasn't kind to him. This last job has him taking care of three lowlifes. However fate won't let it go according to plan.

In the confusion of the fight Sax suffers a heart attack. When he recovers he starts seeing a little blue winged horse called Happy. Happy is not an hallucination, he is an imaginary friend but not Sax's. No, Happy is the imaginary friend of a little girl that needs Sax help desperately.

This has all the hallmarks of Grant Morrison's comic book writing insanity. Happy! blends the limits of the real and the surreal world. Darick Robertson puts that insanity on paper like few can.

How is it?

Its no secret I'm a Grant Morrison fan. Why? Because of books like Happy!. Morrison is one of those writers that blend styles and pushes limits. Of course not all is good, but at least he aims high and delivers unique and original stories.

Hi, I'm Happy!
Happy! is one of those books where he blends styles. This time he takes hardboiled detective stories with children motifs and creates something unique. Its like joining chocolate and hot peppers, it shouldn't work but it does. Its a sort of mix between Max Payne and Blue Blink.

This is a redemption story. There's no attempt at hiding it, on the contrary. Nick Sax was once a good man and Happy is giving him a chance to be one again. Speaking of Happy, he is a sort of meta-characters, living the between Nick Sax's world and the writer's. He knows stuff that he shouldn't, he parodies his own story and is very self-conscious about his existence.

Nick Sax's relationship with Happy is the soul of the book. Sax's journey, while somewhat orthodox (considering its Morrison), is a cool one. I guess its as cool as your take on the character of Happy. Just remember he is 1,2,3,4,5 grades above an hallucination.

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A friendly warning, for a book called Happy! it sure isn't very. Sex, violence, perversions and mobsters is more the mood of the book.

Art wise Darick Robertson does a great job. His pencils are sexy when they need to be, fluffy and cuddly when Happy is around, perverted when Santa is in the scene and violently gory the rest of the time. I particularly loved the detail he puts on the characters.


Even if you don't enjoy most of Morrison's trippy work, give Happy! a chance. Its 96 pages of intense story telling and compelling art. But keep it away from children and impressionable souls.

Publisher: Image Comics
Year: 2013
Pages: 96
Authors: Grant Morrison, Darick Robertson

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  1. Áh!
    Este está nos primeiros lugares da minha wishlist. Já o tinha referenciado lá para futura aquisição!
    Grant Morrison é completamente louco, no bom sentido! Procura sempre a originalidade, embora por vezes nessa ânsia torne as suas histórias mais complicadas do que deveria, mas no geral... é muito bom!

    1. Concordo plenamente. Tinha um paragrafo escrito sobre essa vontade extrema que o Morrison tem de ir mais além, que por vezes fá-lo ir demasiado além, mas optei por não o incluir no artigo.

      Se gostas do trabalho dele, vais adorar este livro.