Saturday, June 1, 2013

Transmetropolitan'O'ton #1

Transmetropolitan Volume 1 marks the start of Warren Ellis's and Darick Robertson's epic work about a foul-mouthed, violent, drug addict, misanthrope, arrogant, borderline insane, investigative reporter that goes by the name Spider Jerusalem.

Spider follows his unique take on life. Forever searching for political truth and disregarding any professional ethics or morals to get to it.

Meet Spider Jerusalem, Royce the editor for The Word, Channon the stripper, Fred Christ the cult leader, The Beast the president of the USA and the 2 heads smoking cat.

How is it?

Transmetropolitan is one of the great series out there. Love it or hate it it, it doesn't matter. What does is that its like nothing else ever put to print. And this first volume is perfect for showing just that.

Spider Jerusalem is a reporter that decided to leave the city because he was disappointed with society. However before he went away he signed a contract for a book. Five years have passed since that and he gets a call from his publisher demanding his book. Long story short Spider return to the city.

Spider gets his job back

Everything has changed but in a way stayed the same. Spider gets back in touch with his old newspaper that gives him a job writing a current events column that will end up being called "I hate it here". The city is like a living organism. She feeds of her inhabitants and they of her. Its a symbiotic relationship that's particularly unforgiving to Spider. He gets his inspiration from the city, but he also gets consumed by her.

This book is about Spider getting back to the city. Getting back in touch with what drives him and letting the powers that be know that he is back to make their life miserable.

Learning journalism

Throw Spider Warren talks about social issues, political awareness (or of it), the moral bankruptcy of current society and the media. Spider is not a hero nor a villain. He's actually both and neither. He isn't a nice guy, but he is honest, brutally so.

This is the least political of the 10 volumes of Transmetropolitan. It is a great door into Spider's world. Warren Ellis creates a complex and intriguing world that captures the reader from day one and it never stops growing and gaining layers of complexity without ever getting to contrived.

Art wise this is the weakest of them all. While Darick Robertson does a good job, its clear he's still creating the Transmetropolitan style and getting comfortable with the characters.


Metropolitan is one of the collections I'm most proud of owning. Its a great journey that gets closure and many payoffs along the way. However Warren Ellis's writing is not for everyone, and Transmetropolitan with all its swearing and "misanthropeness" might turn off many readers.

Be that as it may, give it a try. Its a cheap book and it starts a hell of a journey throw the world of investigative reporting in the future.

Publisher: Vertigo
Year:  2009
Pages: 144
Authors: Warren Ellis, Darick Robertson

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  1. Definitely one of the best Vertigo series and one of the best Ellis series. I feel awfully bad for not having it all, though, I think I'll have to track down the trades I need soon.

    1. I fought with the thought of getting this series for a long time then read it in 6 months. Its a great series. If you've read it to the point where the smiler got elected, then you really have to see it through.