Saturday, April 19, 2014

Next on RGN #11

Happy Easter
Lately I've cut down on my reading considerably. This is due to several reasons, but what this means is that I reduced my buy list to those books that really resonate with me, entertain and help me have a good time reading them.

Sure there's no way to know if a book is good before reading it, but I'm keeping to the series that have proven themselves and reduced my budget for new things.

Anyway, Happy Easter everyone and these are the books I currently have on my reading pile and will review in the next weeks.

The Goon Volume 3
The Goon Volume 4

The Goon Volume 5
Transmetropolitan Vol 5

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  1. The Goon and Transmetropolitan? Excellent choice, sir!
    I've also had to reduce the comics I buy (last month I only got 6 single issues), so that means a little less reviews than usual.

    1. Both are great in their own way indeed.

      The economy hit us both then :(